Sunday, 31 March 2013

Baby 5: Week 33

How Far Along: 33 Weeks (7 weeks to go!)

How I'm Feeling: I`m finding myself tired, but also restless. It`s hard to sleep with baby boy kicking me. Since I can`t sleep I`ve been trying to make my way through all the housework that has piled up (which, by the way, keeps piling back up. What`s that all about?). I'm finding it tough to walk up and down the stairs a lot without getting winded as baby boy has either his head or his feet directly in between my lungs. I'm also getting some discomfort from the ligaments stretching in my lower back and pelvis. I also am retaining a bit of fluid (I check with my Doc and she says I'm well within the normal range for how far along I am!) so my wedding rings are getting tight. My engagement ring is already on a necklace and I suspect that my actual wedding band will follow soon.

What I'm Thinking: I can't help but get excited these days. The kids are talking up a storm about their new baby brother, even baby girl, who likes to kiss my belly and talk about her baby brother. So cute! He's also big enough now that when he's rolling around we're seeing elbows and knees especially pushing against my stomach. It's fun to watch my stomach ripple as he rolls around.

What I've Done This Week: I have finally started to accomplish actual baby things this week. I found a lot of our newborn and 3-6 months baby boy clothes (yes, I'd misplaced a lot of it in our big move) and washed them all. I even picked out his outfit to come home from the hospital in. I also washed my hospital bag and filled it up with most of my wants for labour (and probably the week or so after from home as I will not have the presence of mind to find anything). We're also very slowly working on our plan to clear out the nursery in preparation for baby boy's arrival. I don't think it's a bad as we had thought, so I have hope.

What I Hope To Do Next Week: We don't have much time left, so we're going to use the few free days my husband has to clear out as much of the baby's room as possible so we can do the final prep to lay down the new flooring. I doubt it'll take long, it's just a matter of doing it! Other than that, I'm going to continue scouring all the random boxes in our house for more baby boy clothes as I know we're still a few outfits short.

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