Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mexican Steak in the Crockpot

Don't have a crockpot? You don't know what you're missing! Get yourself out there and pick one up because they are ridiculously cheap considering all the delicious masterpieces you can make. My favourite part is of course that a lot of the best recipes are a matter of dumping ingredients and leaving them to stew or hours. A busy Mom's dream! Here's a recipe I threw together this week that provided us 2 nights of delicious meals! The kids and hubby were crazy for it!

Pam Cooking Spray
Steak (enough to cover the bottom of your crockpot)
1/2 cup worchestershire sauce
1 can fresh corn (drained)
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 package Uncle Ben cheese & broccoli rice (prepared)
1 can italian spice diced tomatoes (not drained)
Salt, pepper & chili powder to taste

Spray inside of your crockpot with Pam cooking spray. Lay steaks to cover the bottom of your crockpot. Pour 1/2 cup worchestershire sauce on top. Now dump and spread the cans of corn and beans over your steak. Next layer is your cooked Uncle Ben's Cheese and Brocolli rice. After you've spread that around top it off with the Italian spice diced tomatoes with their juices. Turn your crockpot on high for four hours. If it starts smelling really hot near the end you can draw the steak to the top and stir the sides together and then let it finish. When the time's up extract your steaks and serve your layers of veggies and rice as a side. That's your whole meal in one pot! Delicious and creamy! We compared it to a sort if Mexican risotto because the rice absorbed all the extra juices. Enjoy!

Introductions First

My plan for this blog is for it to be an outlet for some of my creative energies. As a Mom of 3 and pregnant with our 4th I spend a lot of my time at home creating, teaching and, most of all, learning. Parenthood is an act of creation I've been blessed to share 4 times now. I want to share what I've learned, even if it's just into the empty space of the Internet. If nothing else to remind myself of all the small victories (and let's be honest, failures). Recipes, crafts, parenting experiences and whatever else comes along. This will also be littered with my interests outside of my brood. I'm a wife too, not to mention a woman. Not every book I read is a board book and Dora isn't the only show I've been known to watch. This mix will probably be eclectic, but whose life isn't a beautiful jumble of puzzle pieces? Let's see if I can make a masterpiece out of all these different parts.