Sunday, 17 March 2013

Baby 5: Week 31

How Far Along: 31 Weeks (9 weeks to go! Single digits left, what what????)

How I'm Feeling: Excluding the lingering congestion which is pretty normal for me while pregnant anyway, I'm feeling pretty great. I'm still getting winded easily, but between my girth and the congestion that's normal. I'm feeling huge these days. I can't even wear baby girl in the ergo anymore because I can't find a way to get her and the straps comfortably over my belly. Ninja baby is working hard trying to make his home in whatever position would result in the least comfort for me at all times, all the while kicking me. He's big enough now I can actually feel elbows, ankles and feet digging in. This is wonderful because I've been able to share all the movement with my husband too.

What I'm Thinking: This little man is growing fast and strong. I'm in a little bit of shock that we're into single digits for weeks left until the due date. A little idea of what he might look like is growing in my mind. I have the sense he's going to look like his oldest brother, who, by and large, is the stand out in the family as he looks the least like his other siblings. His two sisters and one brother are all cut from the same cloth looks wise, but our oldest boy really has his own look. He looks the most like his Daddy of all the kids. I don't know why, but I have this idea that our newest son will look like his oldest brother with his big expressive eyes (and eyebrows, Heavens those eyebrows which can raise so high!), his sweet mouth and his strong little body.

What I've Done This Week: We stocked up on a few Mama essentials this week for when baby comes (believe it or not even more pjs, because you can never have enough). After some discussion we also decided baby girl is ready for a toddler bed as she can now crawl up and down off higher surfaces, and seems to hate being constrained in her crib. With that in mind, I spent Friday cleaning up the girls room, taking out all the smaller toys, and just generally decluttering the hundreds of toys big girl had accumulated in her room. All that's left in their room now is a large wooden dollhouse with toddler safe figure and furniture, a desk for big girl's school time, their dresser and their beds. I feel so strongly that it's essential to give this a try before the baby comes because I don't want to deal with big bed drama with a new baby to worry about. 9 weeks isn't a lot of time, but I think it's enough.

What I Hope To Do Next Week: Still no work done on the baby's room, but it really won't be much (ha!). We're so busy with life in general these days that the big thing, the flooring, keeps getting pushed back. The closer we get, the more simplistic my desires for the baby's room are. There's some bags of toys to donate in there as well as a couch, and then we can start slapping down some flooring and assemble his crib. I'm sure once we get started it'll all go very quickly, it's just finding the time to clear out the room!

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