Sunday, 3 March 2013

Baby 5: Week 29

How Far Along: 29 Weeks (11 weeks to go! Uh... what????)

How I'm Feeling: I clearly spoke too soon. I manage after one day of feeling okay to catch the very brutal Mom cold. I can't help but think that those Man Cold ads (ugh, sexist, but anyway...) were based off of my experience of being pregnant with a cold. I would like nothing better than to take a long, hot bath, have the maximum dosage of some cough/cold medicine, and sleep on my belly for as many hours as I can. Well, I shouldn't say I'd like nothing better, because what I like best is this beautiful baby boy, and the knowledge that my sickness isn't bugging him (pretty clearly as he continues to practice for some career in either mixed martial arts or soccer). But at least 2nd to him would be medicating myself back to sanity. Oh well! You win some you lose some. I feel bad for the kiddos having such a whiny, layabout, cranky Mama! They've been real sweethearts about how lousy I've been feeling, and haven't made any complaints about my less than stellar parenting.

What I'm Thinking: I know I shouldn't be because I've been counting down since the early days, but I'm totally shocked that we're only one week away from 30 weeks. I'm excited we've reached safe birth age (although of course having a preemie is by no means my desire, stick in the full 42 weeks like your sisters if you need to little man!), but I'm abundantly aware that despite my weekly reminders in the form of this blog we are still by and large unprepared. In all reality his room doesn't NEED to be ready for birth as we'll be co-sleeping more than likely, but my nesting instinct is wreaking havoc on my sanity. I had a dream the other night that we brought him home and made his bed in a drawer (which was a story told to me by a medical professional of her own parenting choices when we were pregnant with our first that stuck to me) I layed on the floor next to our bed. Not exactly a nightmare, but clearly the voice of my conscience is accusing me for not being more on top of clearing out his room before now.

What I've Done This Week: Baby-related, the only thing I did was switch over to the looser maternity pants (this boy is hanging out on my hips!), have lots of parties and fun times for our oldest boy who turned 4, and felt generally miserable with my cold. I barely showered this week or wore non-pyjamas. Not a banner week, folks.

What I Hope To Do Next Week: I have lots of laundry to do, so I hope to finally prep those teeny tiny newborn diapers and wash my hospital bag (it's been in limbo since the first baby, perpetually half packed. It needs a good freshening up). If I can check just one non-survival thing off my list this week, I'll feel like I've done something. High hopes here.

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