Sunday, 14 October 2012

Baby 5: Week 7

How Far Along: 7 weeks (33 weeks until I'm due!)

How I'm Feeling: Still nauseous. Pretty much all day. I got about 2 hours of a break from the nausea today and stuffed my face with a feeling of urgency since I've felt too sick to eat. I'm starting to feel some stretching down in my lower ligaments, which is making me a little sore. I've also found myself hyper-sensitive this week. I've been jumping to conclusions and crying at the drop of a hat. I keep catching myself crying at commercials and then start laughing at myself! All in all, I'm just trying to survive the first trimester, and I'm finding that easy when I feel the joy of new life brewing in me!

What I'm Thinking: I'm spending a lot of the day trying to figure out what it is I can eat that'll fill me up with nutrients without making me sick. Luckily, my mind is more pre-occupied with baby names and nurseries to get too upset about the nausea. Sure, I'm finding myself whining (internally and vocally, sorry!!!), but underneath it all I'm so grateful that God has blessed my motherhood with more abundance.

What I've Done This Week: I called my doctor by chance this week and managed to get an appointment. There is a benefit to having a Doc who specialises in pre-natal work because we can often get the dropped appointments from women who have already delivered their babies. We managed to get a referral in for a dating ultrasound, and a prescription for diclectin (which has done an awesome job fighting my nausea, but sadly knocked me out with exhaustion and gave me a racing heart, so I can't use it anymore. Boo!).

What I Hope To Do Next Week: I'm going to work on finding the perfect mix of ginger and other ingredients to keep the nausea at bay. I'm also going to work at upping my prayer life to give me more focus and balance so that I can let go of my little complaints and focus on what my 4 beautiful children who are already born need from me. Lots more hugging and silliness is in store!


  1. Diclectin is simply a combination of an anti-histhamine and B vitamins (you probably already knew that, but just thought I'd put it out there!). So adding a B vitamin complex to your day would probably be helpful - but take it early, because it's known to have a stimulant effect for some people and disrupt sleep. (Obviously it's the A-H part of Diclectin that makes you sleepy!) :) Also, salty and sour things helped me WAY more than ginger - partly because morning-sickness is linked to iodine deficiency in many women, so it's normal to crave salt. (Here's my confession: When I was pregnant with Norah, I kept a big bag of Lay's dill pickle chips next to my bed, and every morning I'd have a handful of chips before I got up! It was the ONLY thing that kept my stomach steady long enough to get my morning Diclectin and some breakfast into me!) :)

    1. Of all the awesome advice I've been given, yours was the MOST effective. I've started upping my sodium intake, and when I'm all salted up, I feel much much better. Chips and Mr. Noodle are my friend. :) Once I eat something salty I can get to the business of eating something more nutritious. :)