Sunday, 17 February 2013

Baby 5: Week 27

How Far Along: 27 Weeks (13 weeks to go!)

How I'm Feeling: Okay, brace yourself friends, because I'm going to whine for just a second... I'm sick AGAIN. What's up pregnant immune system? Alright, so that's no fun. The kids seem to have caught whatever this is as well (except for oldest boy who has the immune system of a horse!), so they've been taking it easy on me this week. It's good they're being nice to poor ole Mama as my joints are aching, especially my right knee (an old bugbear of mine from a car accident in High School). Pregnancy wise though I feel great. My belly is growing at a fair rate from what I can tell. I've achieved that glorious state of obviously pregnant and not just awkwardly carrying old postpartum baby weight all in front. Annnnnnnnnd baby boy is kicking all the time, night and day. My hubby says he can feel it from the outside, and I can actually see my belly twitch with the wild Chuck Norris style round-house kicks baby is practising in there.

What I'm Thinking: I'm bowled over that we only have 13 (or 15 as I tend to go late) weeks to go before we meet our newest boy. I've starting prepping his little diapers, and am starting to pull out some sweet little clothes we haven't seen since boy 2 was a baby. I'm glad he's so strong and active. I remember thinking our 4th baby was very calm, and it kind of freaked me out, but that's kind of her style now. She's a sweet little mellow lady (most of the time. Just don't take away her toy guys. Seriously. She will take you out). I know that this means our new little man is probably going to come out something of a wild child. Hopefully he'll be a good sleeper. Either way, in 13 weeks, give or take a few weeks, we're going to meet this boy and start getting to know him on the outside. Excuse me while I take a few minutes to totally freak out with both joy and terror that I'm not ready enough. Only 13 weeks left to get ready! Ahhhhh!

What I Hope To Do Next Week: I said last week I'd learn how to crochet, and I did. Kind of. My crocheting is pretty hideous. So I'm going to take my down time being sick and feeling gross to perfect the art so I can spend the next 13 weeks starting and restarting crochet projects for the kids, both the born and the not so born. Our oldest boy also has his birthday on the 28th, so there's a lot of planning to do for that

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