Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Baby 5: Week 21

How Far Along: 21 Weeks and 2 days (18 weeks and 5 days to go!)

How I'm Feeling: A little off today. I had kind of a crazy day yesterday. As you may have noticed if you live in the same hemisphere as me, it's winter. Now that Christmas is over, we've finally got some real stick to the ground snow. How does this apply to me as a preggo? Well for one, I hate the cold and am usually ridiculously under prepared for it. I have everything and then some for the kids, but for some reason can't keep a pair of gloves to save my life. And don't get me started on hats. Anyway, there was a snow fall two nights ago, and they still haven't cleared up the sidewalks, so when I walked to Church pushing the tandem stroller I was pushing through tiny snow banks most of the way there while my nuckles and ears got quite frozen. After I got home from our very worthwhile trek to see Jesus and have some fellowship with our Parents & Tots group, I spent the rest of yesterday feeling very tired, cranky, and ridiculously tense. My stomach was tight and aching. Not to mention my back. I can fully admit my back would've been sore from pushing a double stroller uphill on unshovelled sidewalks even if I wasn't pregnant, but with the weirdly tight stomach, I spent the rest of the day feeling so awful. I was freaking out. Today I'm tired, but the tenseness in my stomach is just a mild sense that I clearly overdid it.

What I'm Thinking: I'm mostly thinking that I need to be less crazy. I should have taken the bus both ways, and taken my time getting up the hill at the end of the day. I'm also VERY excited that I can now regularly feel this tiny baby working on some pretty sweet kung fu moves in my belly. My stress from yesterday melts away when I feel my little baby kicking and punching. Besides that, we've had a real run in with Providence. Yesterday, we had two beautiful moments that were reminders of how much God loves our little family, and how he uses those with good hearts to bless us. I feel so undeserving of the amount of love and caring God lavishes on us, and so much gratitude for those who answer the call in their heart to be ministers of grace and mercy to us.

What I've Done This Week:  I've been working on cleaning up after Christmas. I feel like every time I finish the kitchen, I realise I need to clean the livingroom, then the kitchen, then the livingroom, etc. Despite that I manage to go through the kids toys to sort out ones to give away. I'm trying to be ruthless. With 4 kids out and one on the way, we're starting to look like a derelict toy store.

What I Hope To Do Next Week: Dear friends of ours just welcomed their third baby, so my plan is to speak this next week getting some meals ready for them and then out to their house. I love cooking for other people, so I'm going to use it as some personal therapy after the day I had yesterday.

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