Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Baby Led Weaning Fun Times

We do baby led weaning, which is a fancy way of saying I hate buying, making and serving my kids purees. If you do purees, that's totally fine by me. In my experience, I've found them messy, yucky smelling, and simply not the best way to introduce my kids to flavour, texture, and a variety of food. In doing baby led weaning I still try to follow all the basic rules about what order to introduce news foods, except I get the distinct joy of skipping cereals. If my kid is digging sweet potato, there's not need to feed her iron enriched powdered cereals. Don't get me wrong, she's had some of my oatmeal. Mostly because she's a sneak thief and managed to put her whole hand in my bowl. It can be tough trying to eat food with a baby sitting on your lap.

All of this lead up is really just a means for me to tell you how cool of a Mom I am, as I just gave my 8 month old baby a grilled cheese sandwich. Before you give me some crazy sideways eyes (which you may anyway), I make my sandwiches in a little pocket sandwich maker which basically toasts the bread while heating the inside. No butter required. I stuffed two solid cheese slices (not processed, although I'm not above that) between a couple of pieces of fibre rich white bread and toasted it just long enough to melt the cheese. I had half and she had half. No word of a lie, she loved it. 10 minutes later she has completely demolished her two quarters of the sandwich and is begging for some of mine. Today, Mommy is a hero.

I would seriously do baby led weaning with every baby we ever have (4 and counting have been successfully fed with this method) just so that I could see their chubby hands pulling at the unexpected trail of cheese, stuffing every last cheesy bite in their little mouths. I think the only food victory I've enjoyed as much was the first time baby girl ate bacon. I think my next plateau of  food-related parenting bliss will probably be when I make her a bacon and grilled cheese sandwich. It's about the little things, folks.

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