Thursday, 14 April 2011

Introductions First

My plan for this blog is for it to be an outlet for some of my creative energies. As a Mom of 3 and pregnant with our 4th I spend a lot of my time at home creating, teaching and, most of all, learning. Parenthood is an act of creation I've been blessed to share 4 times now. I want to share what I've learned, even if it's just into the empty space of the Internet. If nothing else to remind myself of all the small victories (and let's be honest, failures). Recipes, crafts, parenting experiences and whatever else comes along. This will also be littered with my interests outside of my brood. I'm a wife too, not to mention a woman. Not every book I read is a board book and Dora isn't the only show I've been known to watch. This mix will probably be eclectic, but whose life isn't a beautiful jumble of puzzle pieces? Let's see if I can make a masterpiece out of all these different parts.

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